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Return and Refund Policy

It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect any products for damages prior to signing for items from the shipping Freight Company. Failure to do so will VOID any Damage / Warranty Claims. If damages are noticed DO NOT SIGN OFF and contact our office immediately +1 888-209-3112.

All orders are sold as is, no returns or cancellations once Invoice has been processed. All sales are final. If deemed to restock by Greystone Outdoor Decor an in-store credit only will apply.

Greystone Outdoor Decors policies, terms, and conditions agreement are located within the Greystone Outdoor Decor website and partially within the invoice. Dates given are an estimated time of arrival only. Greystone Outdoor Decor will not be held accountable for late delivery of any products from vendors if a verbal timeline was given.

Timelines are a projection given by 3rd party vendors and can change daily. All over-the-phone orders and online orders taken have the customer mentioned within Authorization to process full payment of the invoice and must fill out the customer order request on the home page of the website and accept the terms and conditions by checking the acceptance box.

Greystone Outdoor Decor does not guarantee bowls will not crack due to the use of fire, the terminology of fire bowls used does not depict that these bowls are designed for use with fire rather it is at your own risk to operate these bowls with fire and damages occurred will not be the liability of Greystone Outdoor Decor. Spider web cracks are custom to happen on concrete bowls due to weather changes from hot to cold. Spider web cracks do not constitute a warranty replacement

No Refunds In house credit only.

Greystone Outdoor Decor is dedicated to delivering your product as soon as possible. Greystone Outdoor Decor does business with many 3rd party vendors and is at their mercy of timelines and delivery.

We have found in many cases that damage to products, dents, parts floating in a container, etc. Thought to be a warranty issue was caused by shipping and is NOT a warranty issue. This would be a shipping issue and will be handled by the Freight Company and Greystone Outdoor Decor.

If the customer returns any products to Greystone Outdoor Decor the customer MUST get an RA (Return Authorization) Number.

Customers must email their request to [email protected] where they will get an RA Number issued for the return of any equipment. Any items returned without this RA number are voided and Greystone Outdoor Decor will hold any responsibility for loss of investment, equipment, financially or monetarily.

The Customer must apply damage insurance that meets the retail (MSRP) of the product being returned to cover any damages to the product (s) being returned and supply Greystone Outdoor Decor with tracking information for any / all products. It is also the customer’s responsibility to pay for the cost of shipping any returned items.

If an item is damaged due to shipping or is not a warranty repair or replacement as deemed during the initial inspection by the customer the customer needs to deny acceptance of the product and contact Greystone Outdoor Décor immediately so we can correct damaged goods with the freight company.

Terms and Conditions can be updated at any time without notification to any customer. It is the Customers responsibility to preview and keep up to date on any changes.